Several students have been asking me what types of math classes they can expect when they go to college. Based on their majors, I have compiled a list of links to sites for various colleges around the region. If you do not see your college here, please email me, and I will add it. Include your name, your school and your anticipated major in your email. (Notice: There aren't very many majors that do not require at least one math class. Chances are, your major requires several math classes throughout your education.)


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Click on the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen to find your major. Required courses are included.

California University of Pennsylvania - This link will take you to the various academic departments at CALU. From there, you can click on a specific department and then on a particular major. Once you have done this, you can view a sample schedule that will include all of the classes required for your degree.

Carlow University (formerly Carlow College) - Here's a list of majors offered at Carlow. Click on your major for a list of required coursework.

Chatham University (formerly Chatham College) - Follow this link and then click on "Course Catalog" for an array of information on more than 30 different majors. For more information on degrees, click on the "degrees and programs" link.

Community College of Allegheny County - This link will take you directly to CCAC's list of Academic Programs ranging from certificates to Associate degrees in various fields. You can also choose a degree and view a sample schedule of required classes.

Duquesne University - A list of Duquesne's undergraduate programs. Choose a program to view the required classes.

Edinboro University - Under "Academic Departments," choose your major to see a list of required classes.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania - A list of over 140 majors offered at IUP. Click on the major that you want to learn more about. This will take you to the list of required classes, but it takes some "clicking" to get there.

La Roche College - A list of majors and required courses is included.

Penn State Greater Allegheny (McKeesport) - For degree programs, click on either Associate Degree Programs or Baccalaureate Degree Programs on the right-hand side of the webpage.

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State Main) - Here's a list of the "recommended academic plans" for students by major.

Point Park University - Undergraduate programs grouped by school. Click on any major for more information.

Robert Morris University - A list of the undergraduate degrees offered at RMU. Click on any degree for a sample list of required classes.

Saint Vincent College - The majors offered at Saint Vincent are included. Click on a major to learn more.

Seton Hill University - Select your major from the right-hand navigation menu, and then click on "curriculum" on the left-hand menu.

Slippery Rock University - A comprehensive list of majors available at SRU. Clicking on a major will take you to another page full of information like: classes you will need to take, faculty contact information, potentials career opportunities, etc.

University of Pittsburgh (Main) - Clicking here will take you to UP's extensive list of majors and minors offered. Click on the name of the major or minor you are interested in and then look for a section called "undergraduate requirements." This will give you a pretty solid idea of the types of classes you will be taking.

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown - Here's a list of the majors available at UPJ. You can view sample class schedules as well by clicking on your major.

West Virginia University - Here's a list of majors offered at WVU. Once you locate your major, click on the blue box for the Bachelor's degree. Scroll down the page, and you will see the link for "required coursework."