During Homeroom: 222 or Math Plan for Math Tutoring
All students are welcomed to attend morning tutoring. Beginning at 7:25 and lasting until at least 8:12, students have the opportunity to ask questions about homework assignments, etc. Students should not rely on getting all of their homework completed during morning tutoring as it can become very busy. Students should only have a few questions in mind and not expect to be taught entire sections of material during this time.

Homeroom: 222

1st Period: Pre-Calculus (Room 222)
2nd Period: Pre-Calculus (Room 222)
3rd Period: Pre-Calculus (Room 222)
4th Period: Lunch
5th Period: Algebra 2 (Room 222)
6th Period: Algebra 2 (Room 222)
7th Period: Teacher's Prep. Tuesday and Thursday
7th Period: Keystone Prep. Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8th Period: Keystone Prep Tuesday and Thursday (Room 222)
8th Period: Teacher's Prep. Monday, Wednesday, Friday

After School: 222

After-school help is available for students in any of my classes. More in-depth questions can be answered here. Do not wait until the night before a test to ask for help! It is probably too late! Activity buses are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students at 3:30.

Homework Hotline Extension: 6387; however, all homework assignments are included in the "what did we do section" of the website.

Email: msosanko_at_wjhsd_dot_net