Here are some pictures from lessons we have completed.

Integrated IA - Line Up with Math - Career: Air-Traffic Controller
Students were studying the distance, rate and time formula. Instead of working on word problems, students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge by using a flight simulator to navigate planes through Sector 33 near Modesto, CA. Students worked on various problem situations and were required to make decisions based on mathematical concepts. Objectives included: apply proportional reasoning to resolve conflicts and make decisions, learn to convert between miles and nautical miles as well as miles per hour and knots, read and interpret an airspace sector diagram, and integrated technology into problem-solving situations. If you would like to view the simulator and problem sets, click here.
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Integrated IA - Surveying and Data Analysis
Students had just finished a unit on surveying, creating stem-and-leaf plots, histograms, box-and-whisker plots, bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs. Instead of a traditional pencil and paper test, students were to create their own survey, distribute and collect the surveys and record the data in a table. Students then used Microsoft Excel to create different data displays (line graphs, pie charts, bar charts, etc.) Finally, students analyzed their data in a report that they typed in Microsoft Word.

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Integrated IIB - Geometer's Sketchpad
Students completed a study of transformations in the coordinate plane. This included working with rotations, dilations, and reflections. Students applied this knowledge to create their own kaleidoscopes using the student laptops and the geometer's sketchpad software. Several students were able to animate their sketches to show a mastery of the software package.

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