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  • Air Traffic Controller (NASA): click here In this project, you will act as an air traffic controller to navigate air planes through Sector 33. You will be expected to apply your knowledge of the Distance, Rate, Time formula in order to land the planes safely.

  • Break-even Point Webquest: Students in Integrated IIB worked with cell phone data to find the best cell phone plan for a specific client with certain calling needs. They researched 4 different cell phone providers. Then, they wrote, solved and graphed the equations (in Excel) to find which plan was the "best buy" for their client. The webquest can be downloaded here.

  • Census Webquest: Students in Integrated IA worked with Census Data from 2000. Students are looking at the data and drawing conclusions about how the data is collected, displayed and used for federal and state programs. Students applied their knowledge of percents (recently learned) to compare data between states and regions. Data included unemployment, poverty levels, education, armed forces, etc. You can download the webquest here.

  • Creating Cars (working with Newton's Second Law of Motion and rearranging equations). Click here for the video. Students in IA were asked to become vehicular engineers and determine the relationship between force, mass and acceleration.

  • Rational Expressions - Students in IIB are studying rational expressions and how this relates to the real world. Students were asked to solve a rational expression to show the relationship between the weight of an object, force applied to lift the object and the distance the object is from the point of support. The materials for the lab can be downloaded here. The video that accompanies the instruction, can be viewed here.

  • Solving for a Variable - Students in IA are studying how to solve an equation for a variable. They are learning to apply this concept to other math problems (i.e. calculate the height of a prism when given the volume, length and width). Students are also applying this to scientific concepts (i.e. specific heat, PV=nRT, F=ma, etc). Students are getting the chance to study the concept of centripetal force and uniform circular motion. The video shown in class can be viewed here, and the study guided/problems associated with the lesson can be downloaded on the notes page.